SignFast Features

Rich in features and customizations, SignFast understands that not all needs are the same. We give you an entire host of customizable options giving you the flexibility to create a signing experience that works best for you and your business.

Electronic Signature

Getting signatures from your clients has NEVER been easier. SignFast has studied numerous industry workflows, and more importantly the workflows of other esignature providers in order to deliver the most efficient electronic signature solution on the market. Our goal has always been to provide a solution with the fewest required clicks, meaning our signing workflow is guaranteed to be the fastest and easiest signing solution for not only the signer, but also for the document preparer (sender). Try our Free Trial today and see for yourself. You won’t believe how easy it is to get up and running.

Reusable Templates

Reusable templates make it easy to use the same document or group of documents multiple times without having to add signatures and other document tags each time you send them for signatures. You can customize roles like Client, Seller, Buyer, Agent, Lender, Attorney, etc to fit your organization’s needs. SignFast lets you create and reuse templates effortlessly, without the hassle of manually adding fields. You can also create templates and roles directly within the SignFast Editor for added convenience.

Document Management

Users have full control of all documents at all times. Users can upload one-off documents for single session signing, or you can use existing templates over and over again. During the lifecycle of the document, you have numerous options such as:

  • Canceling a document signing request
  • Sending out reminders
  • Downloading for manual signature
  • Getting document status updates

Document status will allow you to see who has signed and who you are waiting on. Real-time audit trails provide a comprehensive log of the lifecycle of the document.


FastForms lets you create custom forms for faster, more accurate data entry. Just upload a PDF with pre-made form fields, and SignFast will extract them, so you can customize your form by grouping and renaming fields. No more combing through documents to locate hard-to-find fields. SignFast takes the guess-work out of data entry.

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance are paramount for any business. SignFast employs robust encryption and advanced security measures to safeguard sensitive documents and ensure the integrity of electronic signatures. Additionally, we adhere to industry-leading compliance standards to provide a legally sound and trustworthy eSignature solution for businesses and individuals. 

  • eSign and UETA-compliant
  • 2-Factor authentication
  • Multiple audit trail options
  • 256-Bit SSL encryption
  • Email authenticiation
  • Certified completion certificate

With SignFast, you can have the confidence that your documents, your data, and your workflows are safe, secure, and compliant. 

Even more configuration options...

With SignFast, you can sign and send as many documents as you want.

You can also easily access all of your signed documents from SignFast's secure cloud storage.

Allow Same Email Address For Multiple Recipients

2-factor authentication providing an access code to prove each signer signed their own respective tags.

Append Docs

Append additional documents to existing templates or already uploaded documents. You can add unlimited documents.


With our business premium plan, you can add your logo.


Allows senders to download the most up-to-date documents at each stage in the process to sign how you want to sign.

Role Management

Assign a signing sequence and group signature tags rather than adding each person one at a time.

Overlay Templates

Create and apply templates for common documents to save time.

Editing Annotation Tools

Allowing the sender to edit a document without having to use a 3rd party software.

Multiple Signing Options

One-click and done, or choose to draw, type, or upload your signature.

Easily Transfer Accounts

For users joining or leaving the organization, SignFast has made it easy to transfer documents, templates, and billing.


We offer our services and software in multiple languages with our premium plan.

Send Reminders And Set Expirations

Send or schedule automatic reminders and you can set expiration dates.


Full control of documents at all times. Cancelling a doc and realtime audit trails to stay up-to-date.

Custom Email Settings

Allows you the opportunity to customize the email subject and body. As well as add CC recipients.

Resend Invites

If the need arrives, easily resend an e-mail invite.

Bulk Sending

Send invite to multiple signers through SignFast in one-easy system.

Admin And Team Support

Admin can easily add users and login to each users account from the User control panel.

Sign up for your free trial and start using electronic and digital signatures today!

We offer a 14 day absolutely free trial with no credit card required.

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