Security and Compliance

With SignFast, you can have the confidence that your documents, your data, and your workflows are safe, secure, and compliant.

Esign and UETA Compliant

There are four major requirements for an electronic signature to be valid under U.S. law. Here is a brief description of those requirements.

  • Must show intent to sign – Signers must show that they had the intent to sign the document with no possibility of forgery.
  • Consent to do business electronically – The parties to the transaction must consent to do business electronically.   With SignFast, prior to every document or set of documents being signed, the signer is required to consent to use electronic records for the transaction.  Signers are allowed to decline or withdraw consent, in which case, other means of signing would need to be performed.
  • Association of signature with the record – Each signature created must be associated with the specific record for with the signature requested.  SignFast records detailed records for use in the accompanying audit trail, as well as certificate of completion.  Email addresses, 2 factor authorization, and IP Addresses are just a few of the electronic evidence datum recorded for each signature.
  • Record retention – SignFast records and keeps records of every workflow event and can produce audit trail evidence of the transaction.

2-Factor Authentication

SignFast allows users and organizations to require 2 factor authentication for all signatures. It is also required when 2 or more signers share the same email address.

Multiple Audit Trail Options

SignFast records each document event in an audit trail available for download at any step in the esign process.  You have the option to download or to not download this audit trail with the document.

256-Bit SSL Encryption

SignFast uses 256-BIT SSL security to protect your data and your documents.

Email Authentication

Document can only be signed by the email address owner, providing an extra layer of document security.

Certified Completion Certificate

Conveniently download the completion certificate which demonstrates electronic signature compliance and document history.

SignFast gives you the option to turn AATL Compliance on or off.

The Adobe Approved Trust List allows digital signatures to be “verified” to make sure a document hasn’t been tampered with when a document is opened with Adobe® Acrobat® or Reader® software. Digital certificates with private and public “keys” use PKI technology to accomplish this.  This is what differentiates a digital signature with an electronic signature.  Digital signatures often times can cause workflow issues, because they essentially “lock” the document, and can cause workflow problems, hence SignFast allows you the option to simply use electronic signatures or digital signatures.

  • Change setting to use digital signature vs electronic signature – You can enable or disable AATL certificate (Digital Signature) option from Dashboard > Profile > General Settings at anytime and also you can confirm it using Adobe Reader software.

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