Reusable Templates

Reusable templates allow you to reuse the same document or group of documents over and over again, without the need to place signatures and other document tags each time you send an invite for signatures. Templates can use existing roles as placeholders within the document such as Seller, Buyer, Agent, Lender, Attorney, etc that each organization can customize for their required workflows. Based upon SignFast's proprietary naming convention, templates can be easily created and reused over and over again without the need to manually drag and drop fields from the SignFast Editor. Or, if you prefer to create templates from within the SignFast Editor, you can do so very easily, and create your roles directly from the editor.

Create Template via Field Recognition

SignFast makes it easy to create reusable document templates without the need to manually place signature and edit tags with SignFast editor. Simply name your PDF form fields using SignFast’s proprietary naming convention and SignFast will recognize those fields and place appropriately.

Form Field Type Recognition

SignFast makes form field naming for your PDF’s a breeze. There is no need to reference a field type in the naming convention, as SignFast recognizes the field type automatially during the upload process.

Ask SignFast to Create your Templates

Even though SignFast makes it super easy to create your own templates, you may find you don’t have the time or confidence to create your own template library. Simply ask our team to do it for you. This service is fast and affordable at only $30 per template.

Proprietary Form Field Naming Convention

SignFast has made it ultra convenient for users to convert PDF’s into SignFast templates without manually placing fields within the SignFast editor. Simply follow SignFast’s proprietary naming convention when naming form fields and SignFast will autodetect the field type and field name.

Create Template Via SignFast Editor

If you need to create a SignFast document template on the fly, simply use the SignFast document editor to place edit and signature fields manually and save your document template without the need to edit your PDF file prior to template creation.

Name Pages for Reference

If you have a document or document template with many pages, it may be helpful to name each page for reference, especially if you like to use the “Apply Overlay Template” feature. SignFast makes it easy and convenient to name each page of your document packet for future reference.

Apply Overlay Templates to Documents

The “Apply Overlay Template” was developed to help users save time and effort applying signature and edit tags to an uploaded document. If you have a document sent to you from another person that is already completed, then you can simply upload the document and apply an “overlay template” to the document. 

For example, real estate agents may have a Lead Based Paint disclosure that requires a buyer to initial and sign in 8 different places. Rather than drop and drag tags for 2 or 3 buyers, simply apply the Lead Based Paint template and all tags are dropped with one action. Easy. Fast. Efficient.

StrikeThrough annotation

Settle on an agreement quicker. Going back and forth multiple times on a contract has never been easier. The strikethrough feature allows the sender to easily make changes to a document, replace that old data with new data and resend instantly for new initials or signatures.

Complete Text Settings

SignFast allows you full text editing capabilities in text boxes, such as font size, font color, background color, highlighting, alignment and more.

Role Management-Add/Edit

Roles are an important function of template management. In order to efficiently utilize template features, users must add and/or edit roles and role types. SignFast makes it easy to manage roles and role types with just a couple clicks.

Pre-Configured Role Set

All subscribers will be provided a pre-configured role set as well as role group type configuration. Easily add, delete, or edit the configuration to your specific needs.

Role Group Type Setup

Role Group Types provide you the opportunity to efficiently place groups of signature tags rather than one tag at a time. SignFast gives you the ability to turn this feature on or off within the user settings. For example, in the Real Estate industry, you may have a group of 3 or 4 buyers. Role Group Type allows you to group buyer1, buyer2, buyer3, etc as a “Buyer” group to treat that group the same throughout the signing invite process.

Privacy Options

Organizations can determine what templates to make public for all users or private.

Assign Tags

Assign tags to documents or templates for future reference. When managing thousands of documents, assigning tags makes it easy to search for documents or templates at a later date.

Role/Signer Sequencing

Perhaps you need to make sure one signer signs or edits a document prior to another signing. Easily assign a signing sequence during the invite process.

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