eSignature Solutions for Multiple Industries

By streamlining and automating the complete agreement process, SignFast, enables you to enhance business speed, reduce risks, cut costs, and improve customer and employee experiences.

Real Estate

With eSignature and our Lead City transaction management solution, you can accelerate deals, minimize compliance risks, and grow your business—all while improving agent and client satisfaction.


Whether you are a solo practitioner, a law firm, or a legal department within a corporation, integrating e-signatures into your workflow can yield numerous benefits. Embracing e-signature is essential for streamlining processes, enhancing security, and delivering unparalleled convenience.


In the competitive realm of sales, leveraging electronic signatures can revolutionize traditional processes, driving efficiency, security, and agility. If you are a sales professional, sales manager, or part of a sales team, integrating e-signatures into your workflow can yield transformative benefits.

Human Resources

Incorporating electronic signatures can lead to a multitude of advantages for HR professionals, managers, and team members. Embracing e-signatures has the potential to catalyze a significant transformation, enhancing efficiency, compliance, and the overall experience for employees.

How SignFast Can Be Used

Although we only have specific industries and positions listed, SignFast is flexible and can be a simple, secure, and fast solution for any business – small or large.

Here’s a list of just a few ways you can use SignFast in your business operations:

Streamline Contact Management

Enable swift signing and approval of agreements and contracts.

Enhance Customer Experience

Offer the convenience of remotely signing documents, improving satisfaction and expediting transactions.

Ensure Legal Validity & Compliance

By utilizing e-signatures that are recognized and enforceable in many jurisdictions.

Facilitate Remote Collaboration

Allow stakeholders to sign documents from any location and on various devices.

Integrate with Your Existing Systems

Our API allows you to streamline and enhance productivity using your own CRM, HR, and legal software.

Increase Data Security

Our encryption, audit trails, and multi-factor authentication features protect the integrity of signed documents.

Faster Decision Making

Speed up your processes for internal documents such as HR documents and requests for expedited approval.

Amplify Business Image

Elevate the overall business image by showcasing innovation, efficiency, and modern business practices.

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“The cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience of using SignFast has already brought about a substantial change in our business. DocuSign has proven to be a highly profitable investment, delivering returns far exceeding its initial cost.”

John Smith, Marketing Director

Unlock Efficiency and Accelerate Agreements with SignFast.

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